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Fasnafan: A Minor Library in Sociology, Anthropology and the Humanities

Welcome to the Fasnafan Online Library

Welcome to our humble online library. The intention is to provide reading materials from disparate published sources without violating "fair use" or "fair dealing" provisions of diverse copyright agreements. These are single chapters that can be read online only--allowing even fewer privileges that any library user has to read and photocopy materials. In addition, these readings cannot be printed or captured, so that safegaurds against commercial, profit-oriented uses have been built in. These readings are for personal educational use only, by default. Please note that these downloads are not recommended for dial-up Internet users or for those without an Adobe PDF Reader.

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Introduction to Anthropology (411 Kb)

Introduction to Sociology (0.99 Mb)

Deciding What to Believe (253 Kb)

Six Steps to Understanding and Evaluating Arguments (460 Kb)

Theories in Social Research (459 Kb)

Doing Anthropological Research (1.3 Mb)

Doing Field Research (397 Kb)

Doing Sociological Research (311 Kb)

Culture in Anthropology (718 Kb)

Culture in Sociology (924 Kb)

Body Ritual among the Nacirema (52.7 Kb)

Socialization and the Life Course (982 Kb)

Social Structure and Interaction in Everyday Life (952 Kb)

Defining Deviance (39 Kb)

Theories of Deviance (67 Kb)

Deviant Behaviour and Social Control (2.90 Mb)

Sociology of Deviance (63 Kb)

Labeling Theory (48 Kb)

Conflict Theory of Crime (56 Kb)

Language (712 Kb)

Sociology of Religion (238 Kb)

Race and Ethnic Relations (884 Kb)

Canada as a Model of Ethnic Harmony? (789 Kb)

Kinship (1.25 Mb)

Families (650 Kb)

Gender and Sexuality (858 Kb)

Social Stratification (1.42 Mb)

Exchange and Economic Systems (494 Kb)

Economy and Work (810 Kb)

Political and Economic Systems (1.68 Mb)

The McDonaldization of Society (78 Kb)

The Disneyization of Society (71 Kb)

Sociology of Sustainable Development (577 Kb)

Technology and the Global Environment (695 Kb)

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